Heather Stewart Johnson was born in Perth, Australia and raised in Collie Western Australia. Heather qualified a teacher at Meeralinga Teachers College and obtained a Bachelor of Asian studies (Indonesian specialist) at Murdoch University.


Heather has worked as a teacher for 46 years and, during that time Heather has worked as a classroom teacher, a music specialist, an Indonesian Language specialist and as an 'English As a Second Language' specialist and as a specialist teacher for the deaf. Heather has taught preprimary, primary, secondary and tertiary levels. She has  taught in Western Australia, Cocos islands and in Indonesia, and has also been a principal of a primary school  and deputy principal of a high school.


During this time in schools it has long been a concern for her when children come from underprivileged backgrounds and miss out on the basics to get through any school day. Heather is passionate that basic equipment , warm clothing  and adequate food are fundamental rights for all children.


Heather has been involved with Manna at many levels since the very start when the second pot of soup was served to the homeless nearly 22 years ago. She sees the needs as steadily increasing and the passion to do something about it still burns bright in Heather. 


Heather has been fundamental in the delivery of all of our services and stepped up from the position of Deputy Chair to become Chair of Manna following the resignation of our Founders from the Board.

Email: heather@manna.org.au


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