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Breakfast Club 2018

The Manna Kids Breakfast Program was first founded in 2001.

The program is offered at schools in areas of need where students often attend school with inadequate or no breakfast. The children enjoy a choice of cereal, baked beans or spaghetti on toast, pancakes, juice, milk and fresh fruit, before or during school hours under the supervision of a school coordinator.

Studies at one of the primary schools in 2011 showed an increase in attendance as well as a reduction in behavioral incidents recorded in classrooms and in the playground by the students who regularly attended the School Breakfast Program.   Teachers also reported improved concentration and positive student responses to learning activities.

Students participating in the School Breakfast Program not only experience the physical benefits, but also the positive social and educational aspects of the program.

Over the years the program has grown and is currently in 16 schools and branches, providing in excess of 100,000 breakfasts and lunches to children.

In 2018, Manna is introducing an additional program- Manna Kids Enrichment Program to our existing school network. This program will allow us to provide additional support to our schools in the areas of Food & Care Relief, Learning Support and Active & Social Care for the children we support within our Breakfast Club


Manna  decided that in order to fill the gap and offer this new program to our school network, we needed to reach out to a fellow industry partner who would support us with transitioning into the next phase of our kids program. 

Foodbank WA has graciously and kindly offered their support in partnership to supply our schools with breakfast supplies, whilst Manna embarks on delivering the Manna Kids Enrichment Program to the schools. Manna will also continue to provide the logistical support of delivering the food supplies to our school network, together with the enrichment program supplies.

The pilot Program will be developed in two phases over 12 months, and Manna hopes to eventually extend this service to a wider school network around Western Australia.


The School Breakfast Program (SBP) is one of the most important and unique programs run by Foodbank WA. This Program also commenced in 2001, with 17 schools registering in response to a growing awareness that students were going to school most days without eating breakfast. Over 450 schools across the State are now involved in the Program, stretching from Kalumburu and Kununurra in the north to Esperance and Albany in the south, to remote schools along the South Australia/Northern Territory borders. The Program directly reaches over 18,000 children, serving over 62,000 breakfasts and 21,900 emergency (recess and lunch) meals per week.

Foodbank WA supplies quality School Breakfast Program food products to registered schools free of charge, to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to receive a wholesome, nutritious breakfast on a regular basis. Non-perishable SBP products include canned fruit in juice, wheat biscuits, oats, Vegemite, canned spaghetti, canned baked beans and UHT milk. Where possible (subject to availability) schools are also able to access fresh produce, including bread, yoghurt, fresh fruit &vegetables through the Manna Kids Enrichment Program. 

The School Breakfast Program would not be possible without the generous support of Foodbank WA’s government, corporate and philanthropic sponsors. These organisations provide funding so that Foodbank is able to purchase the breakfast food items and pay for the freight to deliver the breakfast products to outlying regional schools.

To Learn More About The Foodbank School Breakfast Program (SBP), Please click here.

To find out more about Foodbank WA, please click here

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